The site's typography has been chosen and designed for maximum clarity and readability across multiple media. Screen legibility and an open, easy to read feel are of primary importance.

Akzidenz Grotesk BQ

Akzidenz Grotesk BQ is the main font used for the promotional pieces throughout the site (e.g., campaign landing pages). These pages typically follow the design style of the specific campaign, rather than the site itself.


Arial is used as the default system font used in body copy, headlines, forms, etc. It is a font that is readily available on most computers, and the sans-serif quality reflects the simplicity and clarity of the site design.

Lubalin Graph BT

In order to convey joy and personal touch, we utilize Lubalin Graph BT for the headlines and the quality statements throughout the site.

Type Usage Examples

Food landing page

A. Lubalin Graph Demi used for headline
B. Arial Regular used for subtitles
C. Arial Bold used for navigational section items

Article Page

A. Arial Regular used for headlines
B. Arial Regular in gray color used for introductory paragraph
C. Arial Regualr in gray color used for links
D. Arial Bold used for sub section titles
E. Arial Regular in gray color used for links
F. Lubalin Graph Book used in callout headlines