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  • All menu items and value bundles.
  • Nutritionist's advice and lifestyle tips.
  • Videos and editorial stories about McDonald's suppliers.
  • Videos showing the making of menu items.
  • Interviews with food innovators like Chef Dan and Barbara Booth.


  • New campaigns and promotions.

Our Story

  • McDonald's History.
  • Leadership profiles.
  • Community involvement, including RMHC.
  • Values In Action, including Sustainability, Green Efforts and Animal Welfare.
  • Relevant news.


  • All about joining the McDonald's family, plus interview tips.
  • Training and education, including Hamburger U and Scholarship info.
  • Benefits we offer.
  • Profiles of Staff Members at different levels in the company.


  • This section covers Wi-Fi, the Arch Card and PlayPlaces.


  • Restaurant Locator.
  • Search.
  • Contact Information.
  • Emergency Notifications.
  • Food and Nutrition FAQs.
  • Forms for questions regarding Marketing & Advertising, Social Responsibility, Restaurant Feedback and trademark Permissions.
  • Links to other McDonald's websites.