Design Basics

This website is one of the most effective expressions of the brand McDonald’s. It creates a multitude of opportunities to appeal to the passion for the McDonald’s restaurant experience and offering as well as a way to communicate important brand values such as passion for superior service & food quality and to address nutritional considerations of our customers.

The design principles behind are a direct response to the “Simple and easy enjoyment” brand platform, which is expressed in the approach to visuals, content and style used to build this rich and experiential destination.

It is important to take advantage of this stylistic DNA of the site outlined here in order to create a site experience that presents the information that is brand appropriate, clear and easy
to find.

Synergy of content and visuals

Choosing the right content for the site is perhaps the most
important step of the web content generation process.
Whether it is a new promotion, new food item or a new
article about nutrition, one must consider how to present
the different types of content visually, starting with
template selection, photography choices and visual styles.

Consider your audience

Always keep your audience in mind. In contrast to TV, print or radio, is an opportunity to speak to multiple audiences with different concerns and interest. Whether it is moms, nutrition-conscious crowd or students doing school research, always consider the appropriate content and tone for the different audiences. Consider that web audience is used to multiple ways of accessing information & multimedia experiences. Consider creating short, snippet-sized pieces of information along long form articles, online videos and experiential flash destinations.

Food First elevates food to a hero status with its use of photography. It is imperative to follow the strict rules for food photography and styling in order to maintain consistency across the entire menu. Whether you are adding a new food item or editing an existing offering please review the Photography section and learn more about copywriting style for the food section.

Desired and Appreciated content

A majority of visitors know what they are looking for – we refer to it as the “desired” content. It consists of food information and nutrition, promotions, careers and locations. This creates a unique opportunity to expose other “facets” of the brand to our audience. When generating new content consider what section it will live in as well as how can it be linked to other supporting sections of the site. For example when a visitor reviews the career options (“desired content”) they might want to learn more about corporate responsibility and the history of McDonald’s (“appreciated content”)