Designer. Writer. Thinker.

Hi there! My name is Hannah and I'm a chicago-based designer. Currently, I work at Charles Schwab as a Sr. Manager/UX designer. For the past 12+ years, I have worked at enterprise companies, agencies and everything in between. I have helped design for fortune 500 brands such as McDonalds, BMW, SC Johnson, Kenmore, Toys R' Us, Citi bank, US Bank, etc.

I also mentor UI/UX at Springboard,'s rookie up, and thinkful. 

I am passionate about design thinking and helping make the world a better place through user centered design. 



Ready to Collaborate?

If you are looking for a creative design partner to help with your projects,
please get in touch. The best way is to email me and tell me your story.
Let's make awesome experiences!

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